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Magnetic Grate
Magnetic Grate
Magnetic Grate

The kind of magnetic filter bar , magnetic separator, magnetic separation is made of permanent magnets and stainless tubes with special magnetic circuit. The grate magnet include the magnetic filter bar ,stainless steel with a satin finish, fixed onto a framework. They are used for separating iron/steel substances in liquor and apply in various fields including the medicines, chemical industry, smelting, machinery sanitation, textile, and foodstuffs ,etc. When liquor containing iron/steel substances passes through the framework, the iron/steel substances will be attached onto the surface of the filter bars, to keep the equipment and facilities in a good state and safe products


1.Standard diameter of magnetic filter bar is 1"
2. Optional tube spacing.
3. Square type and Round type grate magnets. 2 layers, 3 layers or more for option.
4. Standard distance 1?±  between to magnetic bar, 1/2?± inch also can be provided if you need.
5. SS304 & SS316 casing tube and casing frame, equipped with Ceramic magnets or high-energy Rare-earth magnets by your application.
6.The 90 degree angle baffles and Dia 5mm round Stainless steel bar can be enclosing to the grates if you need.
7. Provided for easy-clean type for option.
8.Waterproof for all the magnetic bars.
9. Well polished finished.

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